Our Story
Our Story

Sukha Cunda, with 18 rooms, some greet the sacred Mount Ida over the Hasır Island, others face the olive groves and the historic windmill, is a family story created by harmony and collective mind.

Our admiration for architecture of Ayvalık's old houses and temples was the biggest inspiration for the hotel design.

The interior decoration is created based on old Greek architectural details such local stone ‘sarımsak taşı’, blend brick walls, wooden ceilings, traditional tile floor and gourd lamp. In order to provide a comfortable accommodation experience, this unique architecture is enriched with modern touches.

In Sanskrit, Sukha means comfortable area and inner peace independent of external conditions. Sukha Cunda is a family owned hotel, based on comfortable, peaceful accommodation motivation and curiosity to travel, discovering, traditional tastes, nature and history.

We invite you to this peaceful area.