A Day on Cunda Island
A Day on Cunda Island

In summer the sun shows up early among the leafs of olive trees on the island. Before breakfast, swimming on calm beaches like Çataltepe or Ortunç, when no one is around, could be a refreshing start for a day. After recharging yourself with a favourable breakfast in the Hotel, you can take a Turkish coffee at Taş Kahve, which is located on the coast of Cunda Island and witness local daily life. At midday, when the hot sun washes the streets, dropping by Rahmi M. Koç Museum-Taksiyarhis Church, which is the most visited tourist attraction, could be a good choice. Afterward you can have a nap at the hotel, enjoy the pool with chilling music or discover beaches around Cunda Island.

Early sunset is a good time to have a drink at Agios Yannis Church, which is restored as Sevim and Necdet Kent Library. After that you can head towards old windmill and watch the sunset.

From the mill you can turn your way into historical streets of Cunda Island. The spirit of exchange, the remainings of Anatolian Greeks, old houses and the famous cats determine the face of Cunda. Each street, each house is worth taking a photograph.

These old streets will lead you to coast, where you can have dinner at fish restaurants, or to à la carte restaurants and bars on the market square.

Enjoy your day!