Cunda’s Historical Road through Olive Groves
Cunda’s Historical Road through Olive Groves

There is a historic windmill above the olive groves facing the front side of the hotel. We often refer to this mill while describing the location of the hotel.

When you take a visit to this historical windmill, a view composed of Edremit Bay and Ayvalık inland sea will welcome you with open arms. Usually tourists take photos and leave here. If you give your back to the mill and walk into the olive groves towards Ayvalık, you will come across an ancient stone road, which is used to reach olive groves for harvesting.

The road offers you a fairytale view with olive trees on your right side and a spectacular sea view on your left. It is possible that the island cats will accompany you for a while.

After a 40 minute walk, the road ends and you reaches the ridges of Cunda Island, which separates Ayvalık and the Gulf. If you continue from this point, you can reach Ai Dimitri Monastery, but there is no road, you can walk through olive groves and fields.

Keep exploring!